Data center services


We provide secure and efficient data centers

Ensuring security is the core of our business


All of DataCenter’s data center services are produced by using high-class technologies and relying on our experts and their extensive experience. The reliability of our data centers and ensuring data security is the core of our business.


Company data can be stored directly in our modern and secure data centers, or remote backups of the company’s own data centers can be made to guarantee safety. If necessary, the data can be restored very quickly.


DataCenter only uses the best corporate infrastructure systems and application solutions for its data center services.

Energy efficient data center expertise


It is energy efficient to provide data center services in Finland, when the data centers can be cooled via free cooling for 9 months in a year on average. Free cooling makes it possible to take advantage of natural cooling systems, such as cool air, water, and the ground.

The energy consumption of DataCenter’s data centers has been optimised to an extremely low level, and free cooling is used whenever possible.


In addition to the data centers, we also pay attention to other everyday environmental actions.

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