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Junction2016 – WIIDCF? (What’s in it for DataCenter Finland)?
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"We want to be a trusted partner to our customers and want to have that same relationship with our own sub-contractors. Thus, we can recommend DataCenter's services also to other software companies."

Miia Korpela
Sales Director
Visma InCommunity

"The requirements for data protection and security are getting tighter all the time. DataCenter Finland has been able to respond very well to this challenge."

Janne Vainio
Managing Director
Acuvitec Oy

"The service works very well and our continuity requirements have been met. Instead of self-service we feel well cared for." 

Petri Helin
Chief Information Officer
Grano Oy
Petri Helin

Datacenter Finland Oy

DataCenter Finland Oy offers fast and reliable cloud services and data center solutions. We are known for our accuracy, proactive approach and personal service. We are a Finnish company with a good financial standing and almost 15 years of experience. We take good care of our people and business to be able to offer the best service on the market for our customers.