About Us

DataCenterin tarina
DataCenter Finland offers its customers cloud services, backup services for the customer company’s own or outsourced server space, platform solutions, and the best experts for your use.

We combine the most high-class technological solutions in the field with a pleasant user experience, and we customise the service solutions to each customer’s own needs. DataCenter is Finland’s largest privately owned company offering data center services. 

Our customers are companies whose operative functions are based on reliability and flexible capacity. We are also known for our flexible service, expertise and valued customer service.

  • DataCenter has operated in its current form since 2008, but its roots go back to 1993 (company mergers)
  • DataCenter is a part of Sontek Group, and its sister company is Gredi Oy
  • Number of personnel: 48
  • Two own data centers in Kilo, Espoo, and Vallila, Helsinki. Construction of our new data center in Vallila, Helsinki has been completed in 2014.
  • The data center operation is monitored and the on-call services are available 24/7/365
  • CEO: Ilmari Vallo
  • Chair of the Board of Directors is the owner of the Sontek Group, Petri Kiikka


In 2009, DataCenter acquired EmCe DataCenter Services Oy. In May 2013, DataCenter sold its local support functions to Atea. Today, DataCenter focuses all of its expertise and resources on providing modern, high quality data center services.

Future outlook

DataCenter is a company in good financial standing, with a continuing upward trend in its future. The company strategy states a clear goal for growth, of which indicate the over 1,5 MEUR investment in a Helsinki-based data center made during the summer of 2014.

“The basis of the business is such that we can start increasing it organically. We are fully prepared to start building what we believe in. We have an amazing group of experts in the house, and in the end, it’s not about huge innovations. I believe that huge innovations are not a part of every company’s history, and that there are enough smaller innovations for every day.” – Petri Kiikka