Environmental responsibility

The amount of data to be stored will grow by 4000 %*, between 2010 and 2020. As the amount of stored data grows, the data center environments providing storage capacity also grow. The importance of energy efficiency is greater than ever, due to the increasing amount of data and the climate change.

DataCenter’s two data centers are located in Kilo, Espoo, and Vallila, Helsinki.

The energy efficiency of the data centers is measured constantly, and free cooling is used in the data centers for approximately nine months in a year. Free cooling refers to the use of the climate, such as air or water, to cool the data centers. We use air, and we have built our data centers so that these centres are as efficient as possible in using outdoor air.

Environmental responsibility is one of DataCenter’s values, and it is visible in all everyday activities. Many of us also think of the environment when we commute on a bicycle or by jogging. In May 2013, we spent a lift-free month (our office is on the fifth floor of the building), which proved to be a success. The lift-free month is still in force for many of us. Small actions have a great impact – this is how we see it at DataCenter.

*Source: IDC: EMC Digital Universe