The cloud services DataCenter offers to companies are cost-effective and flexible and are always designed based on customer requirements.

DataCenter’s cloud services are highly advanced and have been created based on actual customer needs. We have taken into account the wishes and requirements of end users, selected the most important ones, and obtained a polished end result by applying solutions and applications genuinely intended for business use.

Our modern datacenters also offer co-location solutions for companies   

Issues such as evolving capacity needs and data security requirements are taken into account in the service planning. The availability of our cloud services can be monitored via a specific monitoring view that enables transparency of service use. By applying cloud-based outsourcing to a company’s infrastructure, the company’s own resources can be focused on development work and tasks promoting its own business operations. DataCenter ensures that the technology applied to a company’s server solution is always up-to-date.

Our offering includes four different cloud services or combinations of them:

  • Private cloud service
  • Shared cloud service
  • Hybrid cloud service
  • Virtual data center service
  • Co-location service

Benefits of our cloud services:

  • You can easily transfer data to the cloud service
  • Our experts will provide support with data and service transfers
  • Data ownership is clear, and you can rely on the data being erased at contract termination
  • Cost-effective and flexible cloud services provided by DataCenter
  • Cloud service scaling based on customer requirements, service design based on evolving capacity needs and data security requirements
  • Professional point of contact directly at the cloud service provider
  • (Transparent monitoring of use via a separate monitoring view)
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