Focus on your superpowers, not managing your platform.

It’s the only zero code change PaaS that frees you from coding to proprietary APIs. Fully elastic scalability allows you to save over competitive solutions as you only pay for resources you use. 

Set up your environment with one click – right now. Use the language you choose – Java, PHP, Ruby, Node.js or Python will be up and running in the cloud. Docker containers allow you to build applications and move them to production quickly and efficiently.  You can also take advantage of the one-click installation of + 100 applications – choose for example Drupal, Wordpress or Magento. Jelastic’s fully automatic scalability allows your applications to run effectively regardless of spike loads.  

Jelastic - Focus on your superpowers, not managing your platform
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Automate DevOps workflows

Automatic scalability and tools for effective application development

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Speak the language you choose

Java, PHP, Ruby , Node.js, Python

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Rapidly create and prototype applications

Move to production quickly with Docker

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Deploy in one-click deployment business critical applications

Marketplace with 100 + applications